Living Life On My Terms

Life after 50. In vino veritas!

About Kay Oh

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I am from northern California. I love to write, I love reading, and I love wine. Not necessarily in that order; depends on the day! I also love movies, music, and my absolute favorite place to be is on the beach. The ocean soothes my soul and calms me. I feel connected to our Creator at the ocean more than anywhere else. The ocean is my church and my place of worship. Unfortunately I live over four hours away from the ocean. I couldn’t imagine living life in a landlocked state.

I am over 50, and have two grown children. I’m a divorced gal, and like it that way. I am a natural introvert and after a series of disastrous marriages, decided that 1) I am no good at marriage; or 2) I have a broken marriage partner chooser. Or both. Either way, after basically raising my two boys on their own from the time they were 8 and 3, I am perfectly happy living on my own. The two marriages I had in between don’t count. Those men both required more attention than both my boys, so really all I did was add a third rather large child. Twice. Sighs.

I’ve been divorced from Husband #3 for nearly five years now. I live in a one-bedroom apartment (on purpose; did you know that boomerang kids can’t come live with you when you’re in a one bedroom? Just sayin’!). I work in management for a large nonprofit.

Life is good. My kids are happy. I am happy. My parents are in their 80s and have been married over 60 years (apparently I didn’t get that gene).

I hope you enjoy my writing. Thank you for stopping by!

~ Kay Oh

(not my real name. The interwebs is a very small place)


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